Weekly reads: April 27, 2014


*Welcome to Weekly Reads.  As I read blogs, peruse Twitter, and save things to Diigo throughout the week, I come across a lot of great resources that I think others would benefit from.  This post is my place to bring together some of my favorite finds of the week and share them with you.  Enjoy!*

(Note: I’ve still got two DonorsChoose projects up if you’d like to help out my students: one for six Hokki stools for the library Makerspace (almost there!), and one for MaKeyMaKey kits and books on Scratch.  Thanks!)

Education/ Libraries

tags:twitter technology advocacy filtering linklove

tags:wonderwake twitter ted tedx video inspiration linklove education

tags:tlchat twitter library apps ipad iphone linklove

tags:twitter library article advocacy linklove


Technology/ Tools

tags:EdChat TLChat twitter technology socialmedia linklove

tags:edtech twitter technology tools resources google linklove

tags:linklove minecraft gaming edutopia edtech

  • E.A.K. : Erase All Kittens: a game to help you learn HTML

tags:technology linklove coding makered education


tags:makered twitter makerspace education linklove

  • The GCAA Makerspace | Proudly Made in St. Louis : One library Makerspace, documented from it’s inception. This school has an amazing Maker program going on – it’s even developed a Maker class! Definitely my new favorite library blog.

tags:makerspace library technology linklove

tags:makerspace library technology linklove wish list

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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