Last Minute DonorsChoose Help!

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey

Please give: Click here to access our MaKeyMaKey project, and remember to use the code INSPIRE.  Thank you!

**I’m not a big fan of asking for money, but these projects will allow for my students to have some amazing experiences, and I really want to see them get funded.  Regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly🙂 **

This past week, DonorsChoose had been holding it’s Friends and Family promotion.  During this week only, your donation of $20 or more will not only help fund my school’s projects, but will also earn my library bonus DonorsChoose gift cards to put towards our projects.  You can help my students multiple times over with this amazing offer, and you’ll hear back from us on how you helped impact our students’ learning.

So far my school has had 3 donations this past week.  That means that with just two more donations before 6:00am EST March 18, we can get an extra $75!

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 2.43.50 PMBut wait, there’s more!

One of my projects (trying to get MaKeyMaKey kits and books on Scratch programming) is in it’s first week, which means that you can use the code INSPIRE and get a match on your donation.  With the extra offer from Friends and Family Week, that means your donation of $20 can be worth much more.  If you can help out, please give.  My students and I will be incredibly grateful!  Thank you!

Please give: Click here to access our MaKeyMaKey project, and remember to use the code INSPIRE.  Thank you!

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